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  • Two-way calling

    Quick and simple, two-way calling with internet requires your source number and the destination number where you wish to call. And you are ready to start calling.
  • Access numbers

    Now call without internet, that too at local rates with a list of access numbers Phone91 has to offer. Experience the ease of international calling with PIN or PIN less dialing. We are always a SMS away to provide you an access number.
  • Connectivity through Skype

    Calling via Skype is easy if you are an existing user of it. Login to your Skype account and enter your Phone91 username, password and the destination number. And you are all set to make calls.
  • Connectivity through mobile dialer

    Phone91's mobile dialer gives you the option to connect without having to use other bulky applications. Install Phone91's mobile dialer from Iphone or Android play store and start calling.
  • Recall and manage personal transactions

    Recall feature comes handy when you want to save yourself from searching a recently called person from your contact book and call on the go. And then you can also manage all your personal transactions and view detailed transaction history.
  • Two-way calling through SMS (Coming soon)

    This time you won't be needing an internet connection to make calls. You can easily make two-way calls with your registered mobile number by texting the source and destination number to the long code we provide you.


  • White label solutions

    Being a reseller, you can get your own domain and run Phone91 services under your brand name, thereby enjoying a variety of features like calling with your own mobile dialer and managing your own set of customers.
  • Manage plan

    Add a variety of plans for your clients spread over the Globe. You can easily add 'n' number of operators in a single plan and assign different calling rates to each one of them. What's interesting is that you can edit these plans as per your needs and even import the customized plans that you create.
  • Manage clients

    Manage the many clients that you have by adding funds in their account, viewing their transaction log, and seeing the current tariff they are assigned. As a reseller, you can generate bulk clients under your account and assign plans suiting each client.
  • Manage website

    There is no limit to the number of websites you can add under your reseller account. You can easily carry out your reselling services through the different websites you have.
  • Add calling cards (PINs)

    Give your clients the ease to make calls instantly by giving them calling cards (also known as PINs) instead of telling them to go through the step-consuming recharge option. Add calling cards under different batch names and assign tariff to each batch as you want.

Admin Panel on Rent

  • Manage routes

    The best part of being an admin is that you can have your own operators and your own routes. That way you can be sure that you won't be compromising on the quality front. And you have your route log too, wherein you can view the route balance and the quality of each route.
  • Manage dialplan

    Dialplans allow you to set routes according to different prefix. Once you add your own routes and add balance to them, you can change tariff according to the variety of dialplans that you make.
  • Add multiple admins

    Whether you want to handle support, sales, or anything else, you can add multiple admins under your account and give them permissions accordingly. Then, you can manage the entire admin log too.
  • Back-up route/Divert route

    When a certain route doesn't work, this option will. You can set various back-up routes in your route settings to make sure that the back-up route works when the main route is down due to any of the reasons like no balance in the main route, and so on. Route diverting is also possible in cases like when you want divert your main route to other better quality routes.
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